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Australia Visa

There’s no doubt Australia is one of the most remote, fascinating, and highly developed countries in the world.Endowed with a myriad of natural wonders, plenty of wildlife, dazzling beaches, cosmopolitan metropolises, and large expanses of outback, it’s easy to see why this captivating country is such a complete travel destination. It not only matches every taste, budget, age, or interest out there, but it also delivers some unique experiences almost impossible to find somewhere else. From amazing sightseeing to fabulous land and aquatic adventures, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do during your holiday in Australia. The growth of Australia as a country has invited people from all around the globe – for study, for tourism, for business, for social and recreational reasons, and more. If you want to Visit Australia for leisure or for business, Subclass 600/601/651/444/461/417/462 is the way to go. These multiple subclasses cater to different types of visitors to Australia.The visa process laid out by the Australian government is not stringent. It only asks for basic documents, including a sponsorship letter from the host present in Australia. Visa tenure is anywhere between 3 months and 1 year. It’s not extendable unless in exceptional circumstances. So a visitor has to leave the country before the visa expires and obtain a new visa to make a fresh visit.

Australia Tourist Visa - Requirements:

  • 4 Photos with white background
  • Covering letter
  • Employment or Business proof
  • Hotel Confirmation with day-to-day Tour Itinerary.
  • Personal Bank Statement last six months
  • Personal Income Tax Papers last 3 years
  • Pay slip last 3 months
  • Employers Leave Certificate
  • In case of Children, leave certificate from school must,
  • if visiting relatives requires sponsorship letter with passport & visa copy, bank statements, income tax and employment proof from sponser

Australia Business Visa Requirements:

  • 2 Photos coloured with white background
  • Covering letter in detail on Company letterhead
  • Invitation letter from Australia
  • Evidence of Business
  • Personal Bank statement for last 6 months
  • Personal and Company income tax papers last 3 years
  • Company bank statements last 3 months
  • Company registration copy
  • Pay slip last 3 months
  • Health Insurance must if above 70 years. (ALL PAX ABOVE 70 YRS. TO GO THROUGH MEDICALS).

Charges for Australia Tourist Visa-
Visa Fees - Rs : 8920 , VFS Charges - Rs : 960 , Notary Charges - Rs : 1200, Service Charges - Rs : 1500, Total Charges - Rs : 12580.