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What is Mantralaya Attestation?

It is the process of legalization of documents to obtain a stamp from the Home Department on your personal documents or an HRD stamp on your educational documents. Mantralaya in Mumbai is the administrative headquarters of the Maharashtra state government. It is performed on both, personal documents and educational documents, under one roof in two different departments. This is the process followed for the documents and certificates issued in Maharashtra and is exclusive for the same. Mantralaya procedure differs depending on the states like GAD attestation in Telangana and NORKA attestation in Kerala.

Mantralaya Attestation - Process

Mantralaya is the state government organization determinate to the states of India. It is one of the steps that is carried out for the authentication of personal and educational documents. Mantralaya is the common term for the Home Department and the HRD. Since the process is indirect and could take long when approached individually, it is convenient to involve the professional Mantralaya Attestation Services to ensure authentic verification of your documents and certificates. These are the consultancies with ties to the government, hence, having the privilege of direct contact with the concerned officials. Mantralaya Attestation
Mantralaya Attestation is a mandatory requirement for getting attestation on all certificates issued from the state of Maharashtra. Mantralaya is the state administrative headquarters of Maharashtra government. The attestation is only done for certificates issued from the state of Maharashtra


Mantralaya Attestation is required for travelling abroad for the purpose of educational and employment purposes.Mantralaya Attestation is required for getting admission in foreign universities and schools.Mantralaya Attestation is mainly done for authentication of the documents issued from the state of Maharashtra. Mantralaya Attestation is also required for immigration purposes.