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Attestation from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

,Educational / Degree / Diploma / Nursing certificates,
Marriage ,Birth Certificate Attestation,Commercial documents Attestation.
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It is a process of authentication of all the documents in order to legalise it use in Saudi. Saudi Embassy Attestation is a proof that the document is original and has been issued by certain body. It is very important for gaining working or resident benefits and for legal stay in Saudi.

Required documents to Process Saudi Embassy Attestation :

  • Original document in which you want get Attestation from Saudi Embassy
  • Supporting documents ( Pls contact us )
  • Passport Copy
  • The Process will take 10 days approx.

What are the benefits of Saudi Embassy Attestation?

    Embassy Attestation is very useful for legal use of documents in China for an extended time and avail various advantages. Some of the benefits of document attestation are as follows.
  • It is very important for getting an employment visa and is compulsory for getting a job in Saudi.
  • It is very important for applying resident visa, along with visa for family, spouse and kids, opening scopes of settling.
  • If you are planning to pursue high studies in China, attestation is very important.
  • It helps you in getting your child admitted to Saudi based school.
  • It is very important when you change companies or hierarchy and also when there is a change in the salary structure.
  • It helps in transferring power of attorney, get death benefits and also get medical benefits like a citizen.

How can the documents be attested?

The documents can be attested from the Embassy of Saudi through approved or authorised agents, who will take a certain charge for their service and get all attestation done. For all your attestation needs, we are one of the best providers ensuring safe and convenient process of Embassy attestation.

What is the procedure of Embassy Attestation?

The procedure for attestation of documents from the Embassy differs depending on the type of document.

Saudi Embassy Attestation - Educational documents:

    – Below are the ways how education documents can be attested
  • The first attestation is done by the Home Department Mantarala or can also be attested by the issuing state , or can be attested by SDM *
  • Next, the attestation is done by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • The final attestation is done by the Embassy of Saudi, New Delhi.
  • Documents to be submitted for Saudi Embassy Attestation in Educational Certificates as follows.

  • Original Offer letter dully attested from chamber of commerce and MOFA of Saudi rabia.(date of issue should not be more than three month on the date of submission in Saudi Arabia embassy.)
  • Letter issued by university whether it have done regular or correspondence.
  • Original Certificate should be authenticated from State level HRD.
  • Passport copy, Visa Copy and 2 coloured Photographs.
  • Authorisation letter,Original mark sheets (All Years)
  • Colour Iqama copy (Pls Note : profession on IQAMA and Offer letter should be same)

Saudi Embassy Attestation - Non-Educational documents:

    – These are the steps for attesting these documents
  • The first attestation is done by the Home Department Mantarala or can also be attested by the issuing state , or can be attested by SDM *
  • The next attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • The last attestation is done the Embassy of Saudi, New Delhi.

Document Legalization / Attestation / Authentication !!!

Document Legalization / Attestation / Authentication !!!

3 Easy Steps to get Saudi Embassy Attestation

Step 1
Contact Us

our expert team will guide you the whole process to get Saudi Embassy Attestation , Type of service , Required documents , Duration ,Cost etc..

Step 2
Submit the documents.

Submit the Required documents for Saudi Embassy Attestation either by person or send by courier , Once you submit the documents please get the acknowledgement with Reference Number.

Step 3
Get Attested.

We will Start the process to get Saudi Embassy Attestation and complete the whole process and then We will update you and deliver at your doorstep as per your request.

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