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Indian Originated document which  required to produce in other countries have to be legalized from the respective Embassies/consulates in India. To legalize the document from the respective embassy specific process has to be followed. Document should be first authenticated from respective sate Home department or Human Resource Department and then followed by Ministry of external Affairs in New Delhi then finally  respective Embassy will legalize the  document.

almiraaj-kuwait_embassy_attestation_in_india1.Private certificate Attestation in Embassy 
2. Experience certificate Attestation in Embassy 
3.Bona-fide certificate Attestation in Embassy 
4. Birth certificate  Attestation in Embassy            
5.Transfer certificate Attestation in Embassy           
6. Affidavit Attestation in Embassy .
7.Marriage certificate  Attestation in Embassy  
8.Registration certificate Attestation in Embassy    
9.Power of Attorney Attestation in Embassy 
10.Death certificate Attestation in Embassy    
11.Migration certificate Attestation in Embassy       
12.Translation certificate Attestation in Embassy 
13.Divorce certificate Attestation in Embassy  
14.Transcript certificate Attestation in Embassy     
15.Legalization / certificate Attestation in Embassy 
16.Internship/Leaving certificate Attestation in Embassy 
17,Nursing Certificate Attestation in Embassy 
18.Halal Certificate Attestation in Embassy 
19,Company Invoice Attestation in Embassy 
20,Single Status Certificate Apostille/Attestation in Embassy 
 * Provisional certificate issued by University / Board / Council. This can be done if it is counter   signed by the registrar of the University in  which  College is Affiliated.
* Mark lists / transcripts. In case of students going abroad for higher studies, this will be authenticated by HRD, for these candidates have to produce the original job offer letter / selection letter / invitation call letter from abroad.HRD (Human Resource Department)GAD(General Administration Department)(Mantralaya)MEA (Ministry of External Affairs )All Embassy/Consulate For More information please Contact

 Attestation of Educational Documents:

Embassy Attestation in School Leaving Certificates.
Embassy Attestation in College Leaving Certificates.
Embassy Attestation in Degree Certificates. 
Embassy Attestation in Mark Sheets. 
Embassy Attestation in Degree Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in PG Degree Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Pre Degree Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in BE Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Diploma Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Nursing Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in SSC Certificate Attestation/HSC Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Inter Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in MBBS Certificate .
Embassy Attestation in Dentists Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Engineering Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Transcript Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Transfer Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Nursing Degree Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Nursing Registration Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in Pharmacy Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in B Ed Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in MS Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in MD Certificate. 
Embassy Attestation in B Tech Certificate. 

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